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We are the best and most complete naturopathic, cosmetic, and medi-spa clinic in Cranbrook and the surrounding area.

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J'Adore Medispa and Rejuvenation Centre in Cranbrook is your all-in-one stop for naturopathic medicine, cosmetic procedures, skin care services and products, medical laser services, and medi-spa services. All under one roof, we can offer you better health, more self confidence, and relaxation for mind and body.

We have assembled an experienced and friendly staff that will attend to your needs and concerns as outlined on this website. We offer many traditional health services, with the added benefit of a more natural approach to enriching your body and mind, and an emphasis on non-surgical cosmetic procedures and physician grade cosmetic products.

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Our Experience

In this field knowledge and experience is paramount. We've managed to assemble a fantastic team at J'Adore Medispa and Rejuvenation Centre. Our staff members have studied at numerous reputable institutions. They have all brought their experience and knowledge to the J'Adore Medispa and Rejuvenation Centre, to be shared with all of our clients.

In our quest for professional excellence, we have carefully built a team of support staff second to none. The staff that is found at the J'Adore office in Cranbrook is very knowledgeable and experienced, and provides clients with a high level of service and optimum results. Contact J'Adore Medispa to experience the best that Cranbrook has to offer!