acne treatment by j'adore medispa in cranbrook

Acne Treatment

At J'Adore Medispa and Rejuvenation Centre we have a multitude of treatments, laboratory, and different means of treating some of the most common skin ailments. The difference at our clinic is that we try to find the triggers or the cause(s) of your skin ailments, remove them, support the natural healing process, and you get improved skin. At our clinic, everything we suggest is clinical grade, simple to use, and sometimes flat out common sense. Acne is a common debilitating disorder that effects millions of Canadians today. From simple little breakouts to severe full body cystic acne, we have what you need to solve your skin issues.

Our naturopathic doctor will assess your skin type, here and list your concerns, analyze, and begin treatment. We strive to remove the cause of your acne. Some common acne causing factors include:

  • Poor diet (food allergies)
  • Hormone imbalances (testosterone and estrogen)
  • Poor pH of the skin
  • Bacteria, fungus, yeast infections
  • Insufficent nutrition
  • Overuse of makeup
  • Use of alcohol cleansers
  • Over cleaning the skin
  • Medication induced
  • Poor health status
  • Environmental chemicals (laundry detergents etc.)
jadore acne treatment in cranbrook

Usually, our physicans begin with simple to do diet and skin care regimin changes. Quite often, we begin by changing around the diet, to figure out what is causing the acne to start with. If diet changes are too difficult, we offer laboratory assessments to confirm, then we treat accordingly.

Most people with common acne require few therapies, few laboratory investigsations and a little patience as results sometimes require some time. We very much enjoy treating acne at J'Adore medispa, and we typically see remarkable long lasting results.

Once we stop the progression of the acne, then we can treat the skin with professional skincare products, medications (if necessary), injections to fill in the scar tissue (if necessary) and exfoliate the skin with microdermabrasion.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What causes acne?

Acne occurs when the pores on your skin become blocked with oil, dead skin, or bacteria. Each pore on your skin is the opening to a follicle. The follicle is made up of a hair and a sebaceous (oil) gland. The oil gland releases sebum (oil), which travels up the hair, out of the pore, and onto your skin.

Does acne mean I’m not keeping my face clean enough?

Not necessarily. In fact, scrubbing too hard at your face can aggravate your acne, and using alcohol-based astringents can dry out the skin. Acne is triggered by hormones, and while gentle, regular cleansing with soap and warm water can sometimes help with mild breakouts, more significant acne requires more than just good hygiene.