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Eczema Treatment

Eczema is a common debilitating disorder that effects millions of Canadians today. From simple little breakouts to severe full body ezcema, we have what you need to solve your skin issues.

The physicians at J'Adore Medispa will assess your skin type, here and list your concerns, analyze, and begin treatment. We strive to remove the cause of your ezcema. Some common eczema causing factors include:

  • Poor diet (food allergies & sensitivities)
  • Formula fed infants
  • Re-occuring infections
  • Uncontrolled or poorly managed "stress"
  • Hormone imbalances (testosterone, progesterone, and estrogen)
  • Bacteria, fungus, yeast infections
  • Insufficent nutrition & vitamins
  • Over cleaning the skin
  • Medication induced
  • Stress induced factors
  • Poor overall health status
  • Environmental chemicals (laundry deterents, chemicals etc.)

Usually, our physicans begin with simple to do medical diet and skin care regimin changes. Ocassionally, we start changing around the diet, to figure out what is causing the ezcema to start with. If diet changes are too difficult, we offer laboratory assessments to confirm, then we treat accordingly. Our favorite laboratory to offer for eczema patients is a food sensitivity / allergy test that involves 96 foods to be analyzed via a simple blood draw. This laboratory informs us what are triggers to the skin issue, easy to follow diet specific to the individual's health, and clinically great results with many patients without the use of supplements/drugs.

Most people with common eczema require few therapies, few laboratory investigsations and a little patience as results sometimes require some time. We very much enjoy treating eczema at J'Adore Medispa, and we typically see remarkable long lasting results.

jadore eczema treatment in cranbrook

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is eczema?

Eczema (also known as dermatitis) is a dry skin condition. It is a highly individual condition which varies from person to person and comes in many different forms. It is not contagious so you cannot catch it from someone else. In mild cases of eczema, the skin is dry, scaly, red and itchy. In more severe cases there may be weeping, crusting and bleeding. Constant scratching causes the skin to split and bleed and also leaves it open to infection. Eczema affects people of all ages but is primarily seen in children. Those who “grow out” of their eczema during early childhood may see it recur again in later life. Atopic eczema is a genetic condition based on the interaction between a number of genes and environmental factors. In most cases there will be a family history of either eczema or one of the other ‘atopic’ conditions i.e asthma or hay fever.

What happens if you suffer from eczema?

If you have eczema, your skin may not produce as much fats and oils as other people’s, and will be less able to retain water. The protective barrier (your skin) is therefore not as good as it should be. Gaps open up between the skin cells because they are not sufficiently plumped up with water. Moisture is then lost from the deeper layers of the skin, allowing bacteria or irritants to pass through more easily. Some everyday substances contribute to breaking down the skin. Soap, bubble bath and washing-up liquid, for example, will remove oil from anyone’s skin, but if you have eczema your skin breaks down more easily, quickly becoming irritated, cracked and inflamed. Because it is prone to drying out and is easily damaged, skin with eczema is more liable to become red and inflamed on contact with substances that are known to irritate or cause an allergic reaction.